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It’s hard to be your best personally and professionally when you feel like crap all the time.

We get it. And we firmly believe a few small lifestyle changes can make a big difference in how you and your family feel. When you feel better, you perform better and achieve higher. Period.

  • Stressed about work or suffering from anxiety?
  • Always feeling tired and living on coffee?
  • Annoyed at how ‘sniffly and sneezy you’ come off in meetings?
  • Gaining weight because happy hours and conference food makes a diet impossible?
  • Sick kiddos keeping you out of work more than you’d like?

Complete our Talent | Wellness quick stress and lifestyle assessment for a 15-minute wellness consultation personalized to you. We will offer you practical solutions, outstanding product recommendations, and a network of referral partners to get you feeling and performing at your best!

From individual wellness goals to corporate wellness plans, Talent|Wellness brings fresh perspectives and goal-oriented methodologies to the individuals and teams we partner with and the people we meet. Steeped in both research and practical application, we offer myriad consulting services to clients internationally, but we especially love working with clients in our local Springfield, MO region!

Take our assessment HERE!


Talent | Wellness


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